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Property Lawsuits

Ducex Solicitors handle property lawsuits expertly, resolving disputes effectively while ensuring legal compliance and protecting clients' interests.

Corporate Lawsuits

Ducex Solicitors specializes in corporate lawsuits, offering expert legal counsel and solutions for complex business disputes. Trust in our expertise.

Intellectual Property

Ducex Solicitors protects intellectual property rights through legal expertise, safeguarding innovations, patents, trademarks, and copyrights for businesses and individuals.

Dispute Resolution

Ducex Solicitors excel in litigation, resolving disputes effectively with expert legal guidance, and ensuring clients' rights and interests are protected.

Family Law

Ducex Solicitor offers legal representation for civil litigation, including divorce cases. We help clients navigate the legal system and protect their rights.

Personal Injury

The team of Ducex Solicitors will provide representation and defense for your personal injury case in court and protect your legal rights

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Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as divorce, and child and spouse maintenance.

Emmanuel Duruigbo

Emmanuel Duruigbo

Human Rights Lawyer

Adaobi Miriam Okoye

Adaobi Miriam Okoye

Family Lawyer

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Perpetua Duruigbo

Litigation/Dispute Resolution

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Ducex Solicitors team have firm standards, strategies, and rules by which disagreements about property are to be settled and by which property exchanges might be organized

Ducex Solicitors corporate and business law office will administer the development of your organizations, investor rights, consolidations, and acquisitions.

Ducex Solicitors IP Law group will administer every one of the important perspectives (for example possession, enlistment, insurance, permitting, task, life expectancy, and so on) of IP Rights

Ducex Solicitors group controls the way toward planning and communicating your perspective in court.

Expert Property Lawsuits

At Ducex Solicitors, our real estate department handles the entire property life-cycle, from acquisition and development through to letting and disposal.

The firm’s real estate department deals with all matters relating to freehold and leasehold property. The firm has been engaged in various aspects of property law including the preparation and perfection of leases, tenancy agreements, assignments, transfers, and mortgages.

The firm also handles land litigation, compensation claims, and land dispute settlements.

We take pride in our capabilities to bring deep technical skills that improve our client relationships. We offer benefits emerging from our demonstrated capacity in managing difficulties that emerge in huge scope corporate account exchange in the real estate sector.

Corporate Commercial Law

Ducex Solicitors offers a wide range of corporate and commercial law services, including due diligence and company secretarial services. 

Ducex Solicitors is a highly regarded firm with a diverse advisory portfolio in areas such as corporate structure, contracts, governance, regulation, and finance. Their corporate and commercial practice is known for its exceptional advisory and transactional work, providing clear and prompt responses to client inquiries.

The practice group represents a wide range of corporate and business interests, offering legal solutions in areas including corporate finance, capital markets, tax, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, banking, and insurance.

Intellectual property law firm

Intellectual Property

Ducex Solicitors’ licensed innovation practice has procured impressive involvement with different parts of licensed innovation assurance. The firm regularly helps with the enlistment of trade and service marks at the Nigerian Trade Marks Registry to guarantee that customer’s privileges are appropriately ensured in Nigeria.

Its administrations incorporate enlistment, requirement, move, and revalidation of brand names; enrollments and restorations of licenses and plans, exhorting on an outsider and office activities, getting ready and enrollment of innovation move arrangements at the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP).

Our licensed innovation lawyer works with customers to foster projects to guarantee the assurance of their licenses, brand names, trademarks, and copyright and furthermore to foster successful protected innovation

Litigation/Dispute Resolution

We have deep experience in commercial litigation and dispute resolution practice in Nigeria. Ducex Solicitors law firm’s department of litigation and dispute resolution is headed by experienced and highly skilled practitioners who always seek creative solutions and measures to end disputes peacefully.

At Ducex Solicitors we specialize in helping clients manage risk in various areas of their businesses. We have expertise in resolving disputes through litigation, mediation, arbitration, or expert determination.

dispute resolution center

Our litigation practice specializes in contractual disputes, receiverships, insolvency, corporate restructuring claims, professional negligence, intellectual property, competition, real estate, financial fraud, debt recovery, expropriation, insurance claims, tax matters, employment, libel, product liability, class actions, immigration, multiparty litigation, probate matters, trusts, and transport, especially in aviation, admiralty, and maritime.

Ducex Solicitors litigation team represents corporations, partnerships, airlines, banks, and individual entrepreneurs in commercial, financial, and business litigation of all types.

Our litigation attorneys work with the clients toward reducing a lawsuit’s disruptive impact while maximizing the chances of a successful outcome. The firm is committed to commercial dispute negotiation on behalf of clients.

Our approach towards every dispute is always practical and result-orientated. This involves anticipating problems before they arise and identifying solutions to them, drafting agreements, and executing transactions expediently and effectively to avoid disputes whilst advancing the firm’s client’s objectives.

In settling disputes, our firm remains conscious of reaching an acceptable settlement that is at least as good as the likely net outcome of any litigation or arbitration.

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